Emek Tzurim

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Emek Tzurim The Emek Tzurim Park lies in the upper reaches of the Kidron Valley, to the north-east of the Old City wall. The park covers an area of 170,000 sq. m. (42 acres) and is part of the National Park around the walls [...]

The Golden Gate

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The Golden Gate The Golden Gate (called the Gate of Mercy in Hebrew) is situated in the eastern wall of the Temple Mount, opposite the Mount of Olives. The gate has two openings and they have both been blocked off for many y [...]

The Temple Mount

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The Temple Mount The huge complex, which has at its centre today the Dome of the Rock mosque, is the Temple Mount, a part of whose massive walls can still be seen surrounding the area. This complex was constructed by King He [...]

The Jewish Quarter

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The Jewish Quarter From the time of the destruction of the Second Temple, Jewish settlement in the Old City moved from place to place, until some 600 years ago, it took root in the area where it is today. At the beginning on [...]

Southern Wall Excavations

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Southern Wall Excavations In these excavations, that are close to the Herodian southern wall of the Temple Mount, many findings from the Second Temple Period have been made. The magnificent street of shops under Robinson's A [...]

The Kidron Valley Tombs

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The Kidron Valley Tombs The tombstones in the Kidron Valley – The Absalom Monument, Zechariah's Tomb and The Tomb of Bene Hezir At the bottom of the Mount of Olives, close to the bed of the Kidron Valley, are a number of ext [...]

Mount Zion

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Mount Zion Mount Zion reaches a height of 765 metres above sea level and at its summit, according to popular tradition lies the grave of King David. In the Byzantine Period this western hill of Jerusalem began to be called b [...]

The City of David

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The City of David The City of David is the ancient core of biblical Jerusalem. On the long hill coming down from the Temple Mount lies the Jebusite town in which David chose to establish the capital of the tribes of Israel. [...]

Armon Hanatziv Hills

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ן Armon Hanatziv Hills The Armon Hanatziv Hills lie to the south of the Old City and their summit is some 800 metres above sea level. The hills are called after the Mansion House of British High Commissioner that was built th [...]