information Center

The Information Center provides information about the Mount of Olives sites and the cemetery.
Services include assistance in locating graves and names of those that have been buried on the Mount of Olives, as well as help in arranging memorials.
Books about the Mount of Olives, maps, flyers, drinks and snacks are available for purchase.
The public is invited to Absalom’s Pillar for some pleasant live music enjoyed over a cup of coffee or tea- free of charge.
The Information Center coordinates the work of volunteers who are helping to restore graves on the Mount of Olives that have been damaged.

Opening Hours:
Sun-Thur 9:00am- 5:00pm
The Information Center is closed on Fridays and Holiday Eves
Bathroom facilities onsite, free of charge
Phone: 02-6275050

nd continue driving until you
reach the roundabout
before Damascus Gate.
At the roundabout, take the  second exit (the first one is the entrance
to a
parking lot).
Travel parallel to the walls of the Old City until you reach a traffic
Turn right and continue traveling parallel to the Old City walls
until you reach
the next traffic light.
Continue past the traffic light for another 300 meters following the
contour of
the road as it curves toward the left until you see the Information Center o
your right (you will recognize the building by the Israeli flag and
the sign).
You can park your car in the parking area in front of the Information Center,
only for a short period of time. This is an area reserved for buses and you risk
getting a ticket. If you intend to stay for a while, please park your c
ar on the
other side of the road.
If you have the print-out map which indicates how to reach a certain
grave, and
this grave is located in the upper part of the Mount of Olives, conti

nue past the

traffic light referred to in Section 11 above. You must turn left and t
immediately right. You will enter a narrow alleyway and proceed until
you reach
the upper part of the Mount of Olives.

GPS users may enter the address of the Mount of Olives Information Center: Derech Jericho 5.
For those with the WAZE app, enter “Mount of Olives Information Center”.

From the Direction of Tel Aviv, via Mount Scopus
1. Take Highway 1 and exit at the HaArazim Tunnel interchange (towards Mount Scopus).
2. Continue straight towards Mount Scopus, passing by numerous exits and junctions with traffic lights.
3. Turn right at the traffic light of the Ha’Giva Ha’tzarfatit junction. There are two turning lanes- use the lane on the left.
4. Continue straight at the next junction, (do not drive under the bridge) and drive alongside the railroad tracks until the next junction, the “white sculpture” junction. A white, metal sculpture is clearly visible on the left side of the junction.
5. At the “white sculpture” junction, turn left towards Ma’ale Adumim.
6. [If you have a map in hand directing you to the grave, which you printed at home, and need to reach the upper area of the Mount of Olives, continue straight until you reach Ha’Zeitim interchange and exit right. Do not enter the tunnel! At the T junction, turn right. Continue straight through Abu Tor until the “Mitzpe Rechavam Overlook”, a sign you have reached the upper area of the Mount of Olives.] 7. If you need to reach the lower part of the Mount of Olives or the Information Center, after turning left by the “white sculpture” junction (#5), continue straight in the right lane until the entrance of Wadi al-Joz Street which will be on your right. (There is a large sign with an arrow pointing to the right.)
8. Continue straight until the second traffic light- Gat Shmanim junction/Ha’Kidron Bridge.
9. Continue straight at the traffic light (the road curves to the left) for about 300 meters (~330 yards). The Information Center will be on your right. An Israeli flag and sign are prominently displayed.
10. One can park for a short time in the parking bay near the Information Center. The parking bay is designated for buses and parking tickets are given. To park for a longer period of time, park on the other side of the road.

  1. Take line 1 or 3 towards the Western Wall (Kotel). Get off at the bus stop called Derech Jericho/Derech Ha’Ophel, three stops before the bus stop for the Kotel.
  2. Continue walking towards the traffic light and cross the street.
  3. Walk towards the cemetery until after the Gethsemane
  4. A large Israeli flag and sign are prominently displayed on the Information Center, to your right.
Yehuda 0548441310. Rock-proof vehicle. 14 seater, option for 20 seater. 250 NIS.
Ben-Tzion 0527689767. Rock-proof vehicle, various seater options. Great price.
Yaakov 0527619110. 7 passenger vehicle. 120 NIS an hour.
Tzir Ha’Saot 02-5322240 ext 1. Up to 20 passengers. 187 NIS per hour, not including VAT.
Yossi 052-8207100. Rock-proof vehicle, wheelchair accessible, Up to 10 passengers. 240 NIS per hour, includes VAT.
Effie 054-4532003. Up to 14 passengers. 150 NIS per hour.
The Ministry of Housing is committed to providing security for visitors to the Mount of Olives and has set up a security unit which accompanies visitors, for up to 40 minutes, free of charge. The visit should be coordinated one day in advance.

Mount of Olives Ridge Call Center: 02- 6264339. No entrance permitted for security personnel vehicles.

If the Ministry of Housing escort is unavailable, one can pay for private security: Josh Wunder 0584005260 or Meir Eisenman 0526960860

Shlomo 0527619568. 800 NIS for a minyan and transport. (200 NIS per person, including transport)
We will provide an escort for people that have difficulty finding the grave.
We offer candle lighting, photographing the grave and reciting Psalms for a fee of 60 NIS.

נא בדוק את החיבור שלך לאינטרנט