Bruce how would you eulogize me?

By: Aaron Epstein A while ago Bruce contacted me and asked me to assist in locating a grave at the Mount of Olives. I did so. He then asked me to escort him to the grave and show him exactly where the grave is located. It was very difficult for Bruce to get where we were going, there were many stairs, and Bruce uses a walker. Nonetheless, he persisted. It was only when we arrived that I understood why. Bruce had tears in his eyes as he told me about Rabbi Gendel. I’ve asked him to write up the story, so I can share it with all of you. He genero [...]

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A 100 Year old mistake

-A 100 year old mistake- Every day we receive requests for grave locations, in many cases the voice on the on the phone sounds hesitant, as if they suspect that there is no chance of finding this grave. In some cases these graves haven't been visited for dozens of years. In this case a young American guy approached me and showed me a photo of a broken piece of a grave mark and said they've been looking for this grave for a very long time. After about two days of research I found the grave and the Location on the map (we work with GPS location [...]

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A new bus station has been set up near the Information Center

Public transportation to the Information Center on the Mount of Olives We finally have a new bus station for buses to and from the Mount of Olives, where bus lines 83 and 51 operate. The new bus station is very close to the Information Center on the Mount of Olives and only a short walk from the graves of many important figures, like the grave of Rabbi Haim ben Attar (the "Ohr Hahayim"), the grave of Rabbi Shalom Shaarabi (the "Rashash") and others. The bus station also serves those who need to go to the lower part of the Mount of Olives alon [...]

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(Chevrot Kadisha (Burial Societies

Burial Societies in the Mount of Olives Cemetery The Mount of Olives cemetery, though usualy treated as a single cemetery, is actually comprised of several adjacent cemeteries, each one owned and run by a distinct Chevra Kadisha (burial society). The operation of all the Chevrot Kadisha is overseen by Moetzet Batei HaAlmin HaYehudim B'Yerushalyim (Council of Jewish Cemeteries in Jerusalem) and the Ministry of Religious Services. In many cases, the burial society may have information beyond that available in the Information Center. The Chevra [...]

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A First Kadish, After 69 Years

Bella Papierowicz was born in 1918 in Augustov, northeastern Poland. At the age of 21 she made Aliyah to the Land of Israel, where she studied under Professor Martin Buber. As open hostilities which were quickly degrading into all-out war continued, travel to and from the Mount Scopus university and hospital were only possible by armored convoy. On the day of December 31st, 1947, one such convoy came under attack, the driver and several passengers, being injured by bullets. Bella, who was escorting the convoy, was killed on the spot, and was bu [...]

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The Grave of the Chief Rabbi of Sofia, Rabbi Gabriel Mercado Almosnino Has Been Identified

The Grave of the Chief Rabbi of Sofia, Rabbi Gabriel Mercado Almosnino Has Been Identified Graves of important figures are counted among the thousands of graves that were destroyed during Jordanian rule. Their names may no longer sound familiar, but they left their mark on society. One example is Harav Gabriel Mercado Almosnino, who was Chief Rabbi of the community of Sofia in Bulgaria about 130 years ago. Mordechai Motola speaks about the process of locating gravesites and installing a new gravestone. As part of my PhD on the topic of the loc [...]

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