A new bus station has been set up near the Information Center

Public transportation to the Information Center on the Mount of Olives

We finally have a new bus station for buses to and from the Mount of Olives, where bus lines 83 and 51 operate. The new bus station is very close to the Information Center on the Mount of Olives and only a short walk from the graves of many important figures, like the grave of Rabbi Haim ben Attar (the “Ohr Hahayim”), the grave of Rabbi Shalom Shaarabi (the “Rashash”) and others. The bus station also serves those who need to go to the lower part of the Mount of Olives along the Jericho Road.

The Information Center on the Mount of Olives welcomes the new bus station which has been set up nearby. The new station adds to the sense of security and accessibility to all of the Mount of Olives. At the Information Center one can get directions, maps and accurate information on how to locate almost any grave on the Mount of Olives. There is also updated information on the security situation at any time.

As of now, the following bus lines reach the new station:

Line 83 – Once an hour

Line 51 – three times a day

Our goal is to increase the frequency of the bus service until we will have a bus every fifteen minutes. But this will depend on the demand from the public. The more passengers use these lines, the more likely that the bus company will increase their frequency.

Our special thanks to all those who assisted in making the new bus station a reality:

To Mazlit Cohen of the Jerusalem municipality, to the members of the city council – Arye King and Yossi Daitch, Flaire Hassan-Nahum and her assistant, Haim, to Shlomo Rubenstein and to Haim Miller, to the team that operates the Information Center on the Mount of Olives – Shmulik, Israel and Daniel, to Motti Levi from the City of David, to Avi Eliyahu, director of the Eastern Quarter, to the municipality of Jerusalem, to the Ministry of Transportation and to “Egged”.

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