A 100 Year old mistake


-A 100 year old mistake-


Every day we receive requests for grave locations, in many cases the voice on the on the phone sounds hesitant, as if they suspect that there is no chance of finding this grave.
In some cases these graves haven’t been visited for dozens of years.
In this case a young American guy approached me and showed me a photo of a broken piece of a grave mark and said they’ve been looking for this grave for a very long time.
After about two days of research I found the grave and the Location on the map (we work with GPS location marks since there are no signs with row or grave numbers)
the guy thanked me and said that for over 100 years they’ve been visiting the wrong grave.
All the while I corresponded with his mother and her cousin and linked them to an expert that repairs grave marks, and G-D willing they will have it done as soon as possible.
The work we do here touches so many historic and family stories, and not a day goes by without an interesting story.


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