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The City of David

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The City of David The City of David is the ancient core of biblical Jerusalem. On the long hill coming down from the Temple Mount lies the Jebusite town in which David chose to establish the capital of the tribes of Israel. [...]

Armon Hanatziv Hills

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ן Armon Hanatziv Hills The Armon Hanatziv Hills lie to the south of the Old City and their summit is some 800 metres above sea level. The hills are called after the Mansion House of British High Commissioner that was built th [...]

The Jewish Cemetery

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The Jewish Cemetery The ancient and most important cemetery in Jerusalem is on the Mount of Olives. The Mount was used a burial ground of the Jews of Jerusalem from as far back as the days of the First Temple, and continues [...]

The Kidron Valley

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The Kidron Valley The Kidron Valley has always served as the eastern geographic and municipal border of the City of David and Jerusalem. The Kidron Valley begins in the Sanhedria Neighbourhood and finishes its journey by run [...]

The Gihon Spring

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The Gihon Spring The Gihon Spring is a karstic spring that stems from a slope going down to the City of David and constituted a main water source of the city from its first beginnings. In the past the spring's water alternat [...]

The Lions’ Gate

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The Lions' Gate The Lions' Gate is the name of one the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. This gate was built between 1538-1539 and is located in the north-eastern part of the wall of the Old City, in the area of the Muslim [...]

Carved Stone

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  Piece of Stone This piece of stone, which is so small you can hold it in the palm of your hand, was once part of a huge, magnificent structure. During the period when it was constructed, ancient Palestine’s architects [...]

Roman Goat Figurine

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Goat Head One of the most beautiful archaeological finds discovered in the Temple Mount Sifting  Project is a clay statuette in the form of a goat’s head. The statuette is made of a pale, cream colored clay. Despite its tiny [...]