Carved Stone

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  Piece of Stone This piece of stone, which is so small you can hold it in the palm of your hand, was once part of a huge, magnificent structure. During the period when it was constructed, ancient Palestine’s architects [...]

Roman Goat Figurine

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Goat Head One of the most beautiful archaeological finds discovered in the Temple Mount Sifting  Project is a clay statuette in the form of a goat’s head. The statuette is made of a pale, cream colored clay. Despite its tiny [...]


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Bulla One of the most exciting and significant archaeological findings discovered at Emek Tzurim is the bulla (seal impression) of Gedaliah, son of Pashur.   What is a bulla (seal impression)?   Anyone who has ever [...]

Rhodian Seal

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Rhodian Seal A unique archaeological find from the Temple Mount that dates from the reign of Antiochus, the seal stamped on the handle of a wine amphora is direct evidence of Greek rule in the area. The find was discovered a [...]

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